Monday, October 09, 2006

Tip Number One

Say you are overweight, not a little bit but a lot. Say you you’ve been in a pool before, let’s even say you go swimming quite often, maybe even once or twice a week. You are a regular visitor of the local pool. And still you haven’t got the ideal figure you like to have. The figure of one of those swimmers that train before or after your time in the pool. Ok, and you wonder: “How does swimming help me to get in shape?” You know that swimming is good for you and you even like it. That’s why you’ve found the enthusiasm to come to the swimming pool that often. Let’s say that the above is all true for you I will heave a few tips for you. A few simple tips to help you to start burning fat while you do what you like so much: swimming.

Tip number one is to exhale. As simple as that: exhale. Let the air out of your longs during your swim as far as possible as often as possible. But, exhale under the water surface. Make bubbles. With each stroke you inhale and you exhale deeply and strongly. I’ve seen too many people swimming and not paying any attention to their breathing. They will become tired and discouraged to soon to benefit from the exercise. As you exhale completely you will notice that your stroke needs to lengthen to get enough time to exhale completely. And that’s the trick of this tip. A longer, smoother and stronger stroke, invoked by exhaling completely will ease your swimming and let you last longer.

What is so important about: “lasting longer”? Ok, you want to burn fat you need to switch to fat burning mode during an exercise. This only happens when you consumed all of your resources and start to call on the stored energy source: body fat. It takes a while to get to that point. Swimming with ease and smoothness will get you to that point and beyond. It will prevent you from stopping your workout before fatburingmode is invoked.

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