Sunday, October 29, 2006

Food that burns fat

Food that burns fat is a hit on Internet. Find your own resources by searching with google.

I found this one : "So though certain foods help you to burn a greater number of calories than the calorie value of the food itself, thus resulting in a possible weight loss"

Or this one: "Fat burning foods are foods that burn more calories than the calorie content of the foods itself. "

Or read another approach to fat burning food here: "Yes, some foods have been shown to help people lose fat, but it is typically because the food is either low in calories or satiates their appetite. "


virocana said... from dry acid specialist.

zee said...

i love swimming, recently i`ve gained quite a few pounds and out-of-water excercise doesn`t feel as great.

thanks for all the above tips, i especially liked the one which suggests to put all excuses and use them as a force of motivation.. reverse psychology i believe.

they say keep trying, but the more we try, and whether we fail or succeed, if we have to try again, there`s an attitude that has built up that we have to deal with. (Consumer Behaviour). It *the will to try* has a few factors such as:

- past frequency

- how recently your last attempt was

- wheighing out consequencees

- the process, how it`ll make you feel

- epectations of success or failure

- subjective norms toward trying, people important to you, do they approve of you losing weight

ways to tacklle these are:

look back, see the successes, why did you discontinue that way of habit?

- try and tweek it a little. the success strategy

-convince yourself by pushing the good over the line covering the bad.


the great thing is, after long i didn`t believe I could manage doing laps without food in me after waking up. but i trieed it anyway. (a lot of times before i used to come out extremely hungry), but other times i didn`t

i think the drinking lots of water before during and after was also quite effective (thanks!) it keeps the body hydrated well, leaving less room for dizziness from low blood pressure.

even if my weight will be stable after my endeavours rather than reducing its still gives me great energy and a calmness, that to me is a blessing.