Tuesday, March 04, 2014

getting cold is getting slim

Ever wandered why a professional swimmer, who trains up to 25 hours a week, consumes appr 10.000 calories per day and stays in perfect shape? Well, think about it. An hour in a relatively cold pool cools your body. And heating up that body takes a lot of energy. Simple trick. Say in the pool for one hour, that is in the cold pool, not the hot tub, and you will lose weight just because your body needs to compensate the temperature.
Even more simple: turn off the hot water under the shower. Turn down the temperature until just bearable. This is a habit that just takes a little self discipline and yields a big profit. Lowering the temp of your body, and especially, your fat reserves will demand energy from within to get the temperature back up again. And this process will help you to burn fat. Just as it helps the professional swimmer to stay in shape.

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