Monday, February 02, 2009

Never too late to start

There is always a good time to start loosing weight. A new year when there are a lot of people who realize that 10 kilos too much is too much. Or, when you passed a certain age when kilo tend to grow but won't disappear you understand that you need to change you calory intake and basically your lifestyle. 
It is nerver too late to start change. 
When your motivation is high enough (7 on a scale of 10) then start. If you lack motivation then I have the perfect tip for you: Just start. Duh. And after a view days you will stop again you will say. Yes you will stop, ok, but you tried! Now do the following. Write on the whiteboard in the kichen 3 reasons why you did quid. 
After a week you try again and gather 3 more quitting reasons. 
Ater a week, take a look at that list. Use it to find the motivation for NOT quitting. 
Try again, it is never too late. 

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gary said...

Great stuff! consistency is key after your motivated, then it becomes habit and that's when the real results start coming