Monday, March 10, 2008

swimming makes hungry

Going through Google, looking for ‘burning calories while swimming’ I found several documents that describe swimming as a very good exercise for losing weight. But I also found a number of articles saying that swimming is less effective then other forms of exercise. Reasons like water temperature, number of muscle involved and a lot of other idea’s crossed the pages. Swimming makes you hungry and you will eat more after your swim was one excuse swimming was not an effective fat burner.

That last remark made me think.

I was waiting in the hall of the local pool and out came the little children after their swimming lesson. All hair wet, bags dragging, coats half-on and cheering, running to their respective waiting parents. Small kids, big kids, thin and fat kids. Then something struck me: A number kids, that are clearly overweight, got candy and or drinks with lots of sugar, immediately as they came out. They traded their bags (mommy carried them for them) for something to eat. Swimming makes hungry, yes indeed.
But if you want to loose some of your bodyfat, don’t stop your fat-burning machine 10 minutes after you’ve stopped swimming. If you need to eat stick a non-sugar-containing something in your mouth. Drink a liter of water or take a low-calorie diet bar. Your fat burning machine will remain burning fat as long as you do not feed it with calories from another source (food).

With only the exercise you will not loose as much weight as you wish. Combine the exercise with a diet and you will burn your bodyfat like chicken on a grill. Mmm that sounds delicious.

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